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A safe environment for all

We are so happy to be able to open our doors again after being closed for 4 months and get back to doing what we do and love best…..running a pub!  As we reopen, we want to do everything we can to ensure both yours and the safety of our team whilst maintaining the friendly and sociable environment that our pub’s always offer.

We are putting in the below measurements and ask both our customers and team to play their part in ensuring a safe surrounding for all:

Hand Sanitising

We are asking all customers to sanitise their hands upon arrival to the pub and all of team are washing and sanitising their hands regularly.

Social Distancing

We ask all customers and our team members to practise safe social distancing and to please be courteous to others in tight spaces around the pub. We have reduced the number of tables and seats to ensure safer distances between tables and diners.

Be Courteous

Please be couteous to others when entering and leaving the building.  If there is someone coming the other way through the door then please just step aside and let them come through before you enter.

Regular Cleaning

Our team are regularly cleaning and sanitising “touch areas” around the pub every 30 minutes as well as regular cleaning of our toilets.

Seating Inside & Outside and Queueing

Customers are required to be seated with a table in order to have drinks or a bite to eat, unfortunately we are unable to have people standing at the bar or in other areas of the pub.  Upon arrival one of the team will show you to your table and explain where the order points are at the bar.  Once you know what you want then please just ask that one person from your party approach the bar to order drinks and food.  If all tables are full you will be asked to wait in a queue whilst a table becomes available.

Clean Menus

Our menus are wiped down and disinected after each use.

Track and Trace

We please ask that you “check in” online when you sit down if you haven’t already given your details to one of our team.  The URL and QR code that you need to visit is on the menu on the table.  We just need your name and number in case we are contacted by Track and Trace.

Reduced Contact

As much as we love interaction with each other, at the moment we need to try and limit this as much as possible so we encourage contactless/card payments.

Staff Health Checks

Staff will undertake temperature and health checks upon arrival for their shift to ensure they are fit to work.  It is the individual choice of the staff member whether they choose to wear a protective face visor or not.


We appreciate that we may not have answered all your questions above and so if any queries remain we would like to direct you to our Frequently Asked Questions page on our website HERE, or by all means get in touch directly.

If we all play our part then we can enjoy our time at the pub with friends and family.  We hope that we have found the balance right between being a great pub and keeping you and our team safe however if you have any concerns or feedback then please speak to a member of the team.

See you soon!